Happy Valentine's Day!

There is something special about the day he proposes. Its different from your first kiss, the day you say I love you for the first time, and its different from the moment you met. This is the day he professes his love in a way that will change your life forever. Its the butterflies, the excitement, the tears, and the perfect setting. Its seeing him on bended knee and saying those 3 little letters… YES!

Its the one story everyone will ask you over and over again. Its the story your kids will smile over in a way you’ve never seen before when you tell them how daddy proposed. Its all about the romance.

Capturing that moment through photographs is something special. On the day we celebrate love, we celebrate all of those couples around the world who will get engaged today.

Happy Valentine’s Day, we hope its a memorable one…

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Whitney & Scott: Engagement

There is something special about engagement sessions. Yes, its always about the moment (for us) and getting comfortable with your photographer. But  honestly, its really about celebrating your love. The excitement of your wedding day.

Its romantic sharing a session with the person you are about to marry, the person you love, and showing the world how much you adore each other. Your friends and family know you have started to build a life together, but once you take that walk down the aisle your life together only gets better.

Whitney and Scott have started to build a life together and on this day they celebrated their love with the newest addition to their family… their french bull dog Eddy.

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Sarah & Jeremy: Engagement in Black and White

Today its going to be 60 degrees in Denver, and in a few days its going to be Groundhog Day. We sat at the breakfast table this morning and asked Zoe if she thought the groundhog will see its shadow. She said yes, of course! She said she wasn’t ready for spring that she wanted a big snow storm. We laughed and asked her if its because she wants days off of school. She said, “We’ve already had snow and I haven’t gotten any days off of school, all I want is to make a snowman.”

In a few days our house will be praying for the groundhog to see his shadow and one last snow storm so Zoe can make a snowman. For those of you with snow on the ground enjoy your warm home and for everyone without snow… you can enjoy some of  Sarah and Jeremy’s engagement session in black and white.

At the end of their session it started snowing…

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Lindsey & Sam: Wedding

Äæåê Ðè÷åð ôèëüì

As we have started catching up a little on the blog it has been nice to go back through and revisit some of the weddings and engagement sessions from last year. We’re looking at them with fresh eyes and looking at images that we might have passed over before.

We have some really cool blog posts coming up with collections from weddings as well as some more boudoir and engagement sessions. Until then please enjoy a little bit of Lindsey and Sam’s winter wedding in Broomfield.

Happy Tuesday! 🙂

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Eric & Sunshine: Expecting

Äæåê Ðè÷åð ñìîòðåòü îíëàéí â õîðîøåì êà÷åñòâå

Eric, Sunshine, and Heaven stopped by one very cold and snowy Saturday for their maternity session. They braved the two degree temperature to show off one very beautiful belly. Their newest addition will be joining them in March and we can’t wait. Here are a few of our favorites from both their outside and studio maternity session.

We’re so excited for you Eric and Sunshine, congratulations! 🙂

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