Sarah & Jeremy: Engagement in Black and White

Today its going to be 60 degrees in Denver, and in a few days its going to be Groundhog Day. We sat at the breakfast table this morning and asked Zoe if she thought the groundhog will see its shadow. She said yes, of course! She said she wasn’t ready for spring that she wanted a big snow storm. We laughed and asked her if its because she wants days off of school. She said, “We’ve already had snow and I haven’t gotten any days off of school, all I want is to make a snowman.”

In a few days our house will be praying for the groundhog to see his shadow and one last snow storm so Zoe can make a snowman. For those of you with snow on the ground enjoy your warm home and for everyone without snow… you can enjoy some of  Sarah and Jeremy’s engagement session in black and white.

At the end of their session it started snowing…

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Lindsey & Sam: Wedding

Äæåê Ðè÷åð ôèëüì

As we have started catching up a little on the blog it has been nice to go back through and revisit some of the weddings and engagement sessions from last year. We’re looking at them with fresh eyes and looking at images that we might have passed over before.

We have some really cool blog posts coming up with collections from weddings as well as some more boudoir and engagement sessions. Until then please enjoy a little bit of Lindsey and Sam’s winter wedding in Broomfield.

Happy Tuesday! 🙂

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Eric & Sunshine: Expecting

Äæåê Ðè÷åð ñìîòðåòü îíëàéí â õîðîøåì êà÷åñòâå

Eric, Sunshine, and Heaven stopped by one very cold and snowy Saturday for their maternity session. They braved the two degree temperature to show off one very beautiful belly. Their newest addition will be joining them in March and we can’t wait. Here are a few of our favorites from both their outside and studio maternity session.

We’re so excited for you Eric and Sunshine, congratulations! 🙂

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The Best of 2010

Its been hard for me to try and find the words to describe this year. There have been many… many challenges, obstacles, and changes. The funny thing is we wouldn’t do anything different than we did because it only made us stronger. When we thought there wasn’t more to learn, there was. It was a great year for this reason.

We have grown both professionally and personally this year. Looking back on 2010, we knew what we wanted but didn’t know how to get there. We enter 2011 with no fear. We are inspired by everything around us, the people we meet, and the people we photograph. We enter 2011 with nervous energy and butterflies in our stomach only to find the better part of us.

We know one thing for sure. We love where our photography is and we know there is only one direction to go and that’s up. We know what images we want to make and our clients will trust us enough to take those chances and risks. We wouldn’t be where we are if it wasn’t for the clients who trusted us enough to capture the images we did this year.

Thank you to all of our clients who have taught us so much and trusted us to document their lives. Without you, Adam and I wouldn’t be where we are.

Here is OUR best of 2010, from every single wedding we documented this year.

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Tiffany & Ed: Engagement

This time last year Ed had a plan. He was coming home for Christmas after serving his 3rd tour in Iraq for the Marines. He talked to his mom and told her it was time. He loved Tiffany and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. With the ring in hand he made his way home to Denver.

Just a few days before Christmas Ed made his way through the Denver International Airport and got on the train to finally see his family and Tiffany. As he made his way up the escalator toward the arrival gate excitement ran through his veins. He knew as soon as he walked off the escalator he would see her face.

Tiffany ran to Ed embracing him the way people do at airports. In a way that brings joyful tears to your eyes. Her Christmas was made, she had the love of her life home. She never expected what would come next.

In the middle of all the excitement Ed dropped to one knee. Camera crews from the local TV stations started rolling. He said, “I love you. And I’m going to love you for the rest of my life…” She said yes through all of her joyful tears. The hundreds of people screamed in excitement as Ed slipped that ring on Tiffany’s finger.

They are perfect together. They are goofy and love to have a good time. They wedding is going to be amazing and we can’t wait to be a part of it. Tiffany and Ed will be saying I Do in a few weeks, so until then you can enjoy a few highlights from their recent engagement session and check out Ed’s proposal courtesy of 7 news Marine Proposes At Airport.

TGIF ya’ll! 🙂

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