Sarah & Jeremy: Breckenridge Wedding

Maybe it was the calming sound of silence in the house when everyone was getting ready. Maybe it was the snow that started falling when Sarah walked around the corner to see Jeremy for the first time. Maybe it was the intimate wine restaurant Ember in Breckenridge that made this day perfect.It may have been the amazing food or the kindness of both their families. It could have been the moment when both Sarah and Jeremy fell apart reading their vows even though they rehearsed them 4 times. Maybe it was that they had one of their closest friends marry them.

Whatever it was, their day was perfect. It all ended with the princess turned rock climber marrying the mountain man she’s head over heels in love with.

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Savvy Scoop | Bridal Boudoir Shoot: What, Why and How to Own it!

Being featured never felt so good! Today our boudoir work is being featured over on OneWed’s Savvy Scoop blog. Make sure you check out the FULL ARTICLE on tips for a successful bridal boudoir shoot.

Thanks so much to the staff over at OneWed for letting us be a part of such a great article!

If you haven’t already make sure you check out our full gallery on the website of boudoir photography. 🙂

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Friday Night Dance Party: Mike & Jeanette

Its back… We’re bringing back Friday Night Dance Party! As you may remember, we used to feature songs, videos, photos that inspire us, and just about anything that has something to do with music. We just got so busy that we didn’t have time to do it every week. Now, we’re making the time.

This week we wanted to start with Mike and Jeanette’s wedding, which came with a happy coincidence! Today, Mike and Jeanette’s fabulous engagement session is featured on the uber stylish Glamour and Grace blog today. Make sure you head over there and CHECK OUT THE FEATURE, which has some NEVER before seen photos from their session!

Thanks so much to Megan of Glamour and Grace for the killer feature!

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Happy Valentine's Day!

There is something special about the day he proposes. Its different from your first kiss, the day you say I love you for the first time, and its different from the moment you met. This is the day he professes his love in a way that will change your life forever. Its the butterflies, the excitement, the tears, and the perfect setting. Its seeing him on bended knee and saying those 3 little letters… YES!

Its the one story everyone will ask you over and over again. Its the story your kids will smile over in a way you’ve never seen before when you tell them how daddy proposed. Its all about the romance.

Capturing that moment through photographs is something special. On the day we celebrate love, we celebrate all of those couples around the world who will get engaged today.

Happy Valentine’s Day, we hope its a memorable one…

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Whitney & Scott: Engagement

There is something special about engagement sessions. Yes, its always about the moment (for us) and getting comfortable with your photographer. But  honestly, its really about celebrating your love. The excitement of your wedding day.

Its romantic sharing a session with the person you are about to marry, the person you love, and showing the world how much you adore each other. Your friends and family know you have started to build a life together, but once you take that walk down the aisle your life together only gets better.

Whitney and Scott have started to build a life together and on this day they celebrated their love with the newest addition to their family… their french bull dog Eddy.

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