Lisa & Rory: Denver Engagement

What I love about spring is the small glimpses of summer. The trees and grass are starting to turn green. Flowers are starting to bloom. You hear the birds chirping and the smell of barbecue. But, the best part of spring is Spring Training.

When the boys come back from Arizona, we’re one step closer to summer… and baseball season. As the season gets underway I can’t wait for Sunday afternoons, wearing sunscreen, drinking flat beer, and eating hot dogs. We’re still convinced the only reason Zoe loves going to baseball games and cheering on the Rockies is because their uniform has purple in it.

So, what do you do when you get engaged and are big baseball fans? Do your engagement session at at Coors Field. Here are some highlights from Lisa and Rory’s engagement season just weeks before opening day.

Here’s to freshly cut grass, cotton candy, and one heck of a season! Enjoy.

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Featured: Hindsight Bride & Junebug Weddings

Happy Thursday! 🙂

As this week is starting to come to an end it comes with some good news. Today Stephani and Billy’s engagement session is featured on Hindsight Bride. I know I say this a lot, but I love this blog! I do read a lot of blogs and I frequent them all for different reasons. I love the fact there are so many different blogs out there and they provide different inspiration for brides of all personalities.

Hindsight Bride is no different. Christie provides brides with advise on things that worked, didn’t work, and everything else in between. If you haven’t checked out her blog yet make sure you do because its honest advise from brides just like you. Thank you so much Christie, not only for featuring Stephani and Billy’s Artful + Modern Colorado Engagement, but also for the kind words about Adam and I.

We also had a few other features last week. On Friday Junebug Weddings featured some of our boudoir work on Photobug! I can not say enough about the ladies over at Junebug Weddings. They are fantastic! Junebug Weddings is such an AMAZING resource for brides and photographers. Adam and I LOVE being a part of the amazing community of talented wedding vendors there. To be honest, boudoir photography is really hard to get featured and the fact that we have been featured on two amazing blogs (you might remember our feature on OneWed’s Savvy Scoop) has been the highlight of my year so far!

If you haven’t already added Junebug Weddings Photobug blog or What Junebug Loves blog to your Google Reader, you need to. These ladies are fashion obsessed, photo obsessed, wedding fanatics, and flat out good people and we can’t thank them enough for supporting Adam and I. Make sure you check out our boudoir feature and leave a little bit of blog love! 🙂

And last but certainly not least… On Saturday we were featured again on Moment Junkie. I. Am. Completely. Obsessed. With. This. Blog. Any blog that celebrates the art of wedding photojournalism is a big hit in my book. Make sure you check out Moment Junkie and add it to your Google Reader!

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Nicole & Alan: Denver Engagement

There’s something that happens in front of the camera when Nicole and Alan are together. They forget they are being photographed. They get that look in their eye and the world seems to disappear. They are in love and are not afraid to show it. He loves to make her laugh and they love to have a good time together. If their engagement session is any indication to what they will be like on their wedding day, then its going to be a beautiful day and we absolutely cannot wait for it.

The past few months we’ve been lucky. Our couples are so in love, and because of that, their Denver engagement sessions are getting published all over the place. If you are not a friends with us on Facebook you might have missed Whitney and Scott’s feature on Brenda’s Wedding Blog. Thank you to Brenda and all of the bloggers who have recently featured us, we really appreciate your support.

Make sure you check out Whitney and Scott’s Real Engagement: reflections in the water with a cute pup and leave a little blog love.

Happy Wednesday! 🙂

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Living the dream

In 2008 I left my full time job to to help Adam with the photo business. At the time he had been in business for a few years, but that year it was different. He sold 62 weddings. Everyone thought I was crazy, but I wanted to live the dream Adam and I had wanted for so long. The dream of working together documenting other people’s lives.

When the summer of craziness (that’s how we refer to it) was over our business changed, we grew as a couple and as business partners. We started living our life through a calendar. We manged our personal life differently so that we could still do all of the things we wanted to do and maintain our close family connection. Here we are, years later, and people still think we are crazy to manage our life through a calendar. It works for us, it works for our family. Because when it comes down to it we don’t want to take life for granted and we want to enjoy the time that we have together.

We are lucky enough to be living the dream, the dream that we talked about when we were dating, the dream we had before we even talked about our own wedding, and the dream that still feels out of reach at times. We always dream of going into any day and photographing people in a way that we never have before. As we start to see glimpses of that dream taking shape, it almost seems to be in reach like we can just put out a hand and grab it, but not always. I dream of the day that we do grab it and keep it in our hands. I dream.

The most surreal part of this journey has been how others view our work. Seeing our work published on blogs and winning awards is still a little unnerving at times, but it also feels really good. We want our clients to be in love with our photographs, that is why we do what we do, that is why we chase this dream.

For those of you who just flat out love photography, there is a new blog that is just incredible and you must follow. Moment Junkie features wedding photojournalism at its best. It was started by two VERY talented photographers and they feature timeless, heartbreaking, and often hilarious images. Recently we were lucky enough to have one of our photos featured titled “The Scolding”. This is a blog that has to make your Google Reader list… its that good!

Last week we were also fortunate to have Kim & Gabe’s Estes Park wedding featured on Style Me Pretty! And…  last but certainly not least… the latest Wedding Photojournalist Association contest results came out and the photo below placed in the top 20 for the Musicians & DJ’s category. To say that we are thrilled would be an understatement. We love being part of WPJA and are blown away by all of the winning images this past quarter.

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