Megan & Travis: Fort Collins Wedding Photography

There are moments in your life when you remember certain things. A birthday, first day of school, your first apartment… and your wedding. I once met this women and she asked what I did for a living. When I told her my husband and I are wedding photographers she gave me a blank stare and said, “wow… you and your husband are so blessed.” She went on to tell me how lucky we are to be able to work in an industry where we document one the most memorable moments in someones life. “Its one of the moments you’ll always remember”, she said.

For us, there are weddings and couples we’ll always remember. It might be some small detail that we will laugh about years later or even something someone might have said to us. Regardless, there will always be moments in our career that we will never forget.

From the very beginning we knew Megan and Travis‘s wedding was going to be one of those moments. We knew they had great style, and we knew no detail would go overlooked. We will always remember their amazing friends and family. We will always remember how incredible Megan and Travis are as people. We will even remember what an amazing dance party it was. But, to be honest we will always remember the dinner. As foodies we always leave a wedding talking about the food. And this time we’ll be talking about it for years to come.

From the shrimp cocktail, crab claws, oysters on the half shell to the lamb lollipops, their friends and family will be talking about their reception for years to come. We are very lucky to have been a part of this wedding. It truly was incredible from start to finish!

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Tina & Dan: Denver Wedding

You might remember Tina and Dan’s engagement session in May. You may also remember I mentioned their engagement session had to be rescheduled a few different times due to the monsoon like weather. Well as luck would have it their wedding day was no different.

Rain was in the forecast the entire day. Table cloths were placed on tables for moments at a time only to be taken off later because of intermittent rain. Luckily, the real rain held off until after the ceremony giving Tina and Dan a lifetime of good luck for their marriage. This was one of the most outstanding celebrations we have ever been a part of. From the Doug-E dance, PBR tall boys, to the taco bar buffet and brisket, this day was all Tina and Dan.

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Diana & Greg: St. Louis Wedding

Greg’s family relocated to St. Louis from New Jersey. As fate would have it Greg met Diana when he was attending Washington University in St. Louis. They knew right away it was meant to be. So, when Diana decided to move to New York Greg made the move with her and they started their life together.

When it came time to start planning the wedding they knew there wasn’t a better place to celebrate then the very place it all started. Friends and family came together from all over the world to step onto the very campus where Diana and Greg first met. With the Gothic architecture and the rich history WUSTL made for the perfect setting for such an elegant couple.

Their day was full of joy, warmth, and laughter. We so excited that we were a part of such a wonderful day with such an amazing couple!

Enjoy the highlights! 🙂

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Nikki & Chris: Wedding


As many of you know Nikki and Chris are some of our favorite people. What you may not know is Nikki is Zoe’s Sunday school teacher. Their love for God is so inspiring and contagious that you can’t help but be inspired by them.

We knew from the beginning their wedding would be filled with love and joy. But, we didn’t know how many amazing people they surround themselves with. You know the saying, you are the company you keep? Chris and Nikki are the perfect example of that saying. They surround themselves with so many good people you can’t help but feel their joy.

Love was definitely in the air during their wedding at the Wildlife Experience in Parker. Its weddings like this one that remind us how blessed we are to do what we do and how lucky we are to be surrounded by so many amazing people.

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Nicole & Alan: Breckenridge Wedding

We knew from their engagement session Nicole and Alan’s wedding was going to be great. To say that Nicole knew exactly what she wanted for her wedding is an understatement. Breckenridge is home away from home for them. Whether its summer, spring’s mud season, or winter ski season you can find Nicole and Alan in Breck. So, it just made sense that they would celebrate their marriage there.

We really had a blast documenting their weekend. The weather was absolutely perfect, with just one little sprinkle after the ceremony to cool things down, and the light was divine. Thank you Nicole and Alan for inviting us into your families for the weekend, we had tons of fun.


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