Kristin & Chris: Denver Wedding Photography

When she first contacted us she wasn’t looking for a photographer. She was helping plan her friends wedding. But, one thing lead to another and things started to fall into place. Kristin found out that Adam and I were married at the Manor House many, many years ago and we just clicked with her. We felt like she was an old friend and we knew we were meant to document her wedding.

Kristin and Chris’s wedding would be the first time that Adam and I would be back at the Manor House since we were married there almost nine years ago. We wouldn’t have had it any other way. Kristin, Chris, their families, and their AMAZING friends made this summer something special. We’ve gotten to know them at a few different weddings and each wedding keeps getting better and better. We are so blessed Kristin stumbled into our lives because this group of friends truly embraced us like family and make our job so much fun.

Kristin and Chris are such amazing people and so in love. Their ceremony was one of the most heartfelt and hilarious we’ve ever witnessed! They knew right from the very beginning they were meant to be together and share their lives together.

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Nicole & Amir: Denver Engagement Photography

On Nicole and Amir’s first date they had a cute little argument about which corner they were supposed to meet on. Amir had been waiting on the wrong corner for Nicole and they knew right away they were perfect for each other.

Not only are they fun to photograph, but they also bring out the best in each other. They are so much fun to be around and we can’t wait to photograph their wedding. How can you not fall in love with these two? 🙂

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Patrick & Charlotte: Boulder Elopement Photography

Patrick and Charlotte are amazing people. They had always planned on having a party, but their friends and family didn’t know what kind of party they would be celebrating til the invite hit their email.

Patrick and Charlotte sent their friends and family a website announcing their marriage. They knew from the very beginning their wedding day would be very different from the traditional wedding. Their day would be about celebrating their relationship and finding a deeper meaning together by being present in the moment.

The ceremony itself took them several months to write and included a brief meditation to help reinforce being present in the moment. This day wasn’t about the details or the party, it was about being connected and finding the true meaning of marriage.

If your interested in finding out more about Patrick and Charlotte’s wedding, the planning, and how they surprised their family you can head over to their wedding feature on Luxe Mountain Weddings “Just the Two of Us” in Nature.

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Camille & Richard: Boulder Wedding Photography

There’s something special about backyard weddings. Its that feeling of love and family that makes me smile every time I see an intimate wedding. You have your closest friends and family there sharing one of the most wonderful moments in your life. Backyard weddings are laid back and people let there guard down. Its special for us because we document those moments that couples will always remember.

Camille and Richard’s wedding in Boulder was just that. It was special, it was intimate, and it was about the love they share for each other.

This year has been one of the best years for us with the variety of weddings we’ve had. Every wedding is different (that’s a given ;)), but every wedding will hold a special place in our heart. And we are so lucky to share those precious moments with you.

Happy Thursday!
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