Erin & Conner: Telluride Wedding

As wedding photographers we have the unique opportunity to document couples as they and their families celebrate a joining together. A massive celebration of love, life-long friendship, and commitment. Every once in a while a couple will come along and completely punch you in the face with love. They will remind you of how much two people can care about one another, they may remind you of how much your wife means to you and how you felt on your wedding day. For us, Erin and Conner left our lungs breathless so many times over the course of their weekend celebrating in Telluride. They welcomed us with open arms and treated us like family. And my oh my… their family is amazing!

Erin and Conner, thank you. Thank you for embracing the 13 inches of snow on your wedding day. Thank you for freezing your asses off while we walked all over town for portraits and all the while never complaining. Most of all thank you for inviting us to share your weekend with you and document your memories.

And Shari DeAngelo. Thank you for shlepping all the way out from Philly to shoot with us. Its always a blast working together and I think that, this time, we did it better than ever.

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Sara & Dan: Evans Chapel Wedding

Sara and Dan are amazing. They were married on the chilliest dreariest and drabbest day in October. Although, you would never know it to look at them. They had so much fun laughing and loving it seemed like they never even noticed the cold. Or, if they did, they certainly didn’t complain about it. Their daughter Evelyn stole the show most of the day and rarely had anything but a huge smile on her face. Sara and Dan, thank you both so much for choosing to share your day with us. It was an absolute pleasure celebrating with you and your families.

As always, it was a pleasure working along side Nicole with Sapphire Celebrations, she seriously rocked all the little details. All the glory for the flowers goes to The Perfect Petal.

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Ashley & Scott: Spruce Mountain Ranch Wedding

Ashley and Scott were married on a perfect fall day at Spruce Mountain Ranch near Larkspur. These two ooze love. Seriously, they literally light up in each others presence. Their wedding was amazing, complete with gorgeous sunset light during the ceremony, incredible reception decor, and scrumptious food. And, who could forget dancing our asses off under the night sky and dangling twinkle lights?

Ashley and Scott, thank you for having us along for the ride and choosing us to document your day. It was a blast celebrating with you two.

Of course, I have to send a huge shout out to TJ Romero for joining us at this wedding.

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Jacqueline & Joel: Garden of the Gods Club Wedding

It would be hard to sum up all that is amazing about Jacqueline and Joel in this one little post. So I am not even going to attempt it. They are simply gorgeous people. Inside, and out.

They were married at one of the most spectacular places in Colorado, the Garden of the Gods Club in Colorado Springs. It was spitting rain on and off all morning, needless to say, Jacqueline and Joel should have plenty of good luck in their futures.

Many thanks to Mr. Adonye Jaja for photographing this one with us.

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