About the Houseman’s

We are Adam and Imthiaz Houseman. We met in college working at the student newspaper where we fell ass-over-tea-kettle in love.

Together we have three amazing children, Zoe, Archer and Bellamy. Most days Zoe will have her nose in a book if she can’t be outside running around playing soccer. Archer thinks he’s way older than he is and tries to keep up with his older sister. Bellamy, our newest addition, spends the majority of his day zipping around the house making a huge mess. We spend most days chasing our kiddos around and whipping up something tasty in the kitchen. We’re just slightly obsessed with good food. When we aren’t kicking soccer balls and grilling up something tasty, we are photographing… photographing everything around us…

There is romance in photography. We both tend to see the world as a big black and white photograph. We love watching the raw emotion that always seems to poke its head out on a wedding day. Above anything else, we are always striving to document the story of you and the beginning of your journey together. It’s always amazing to us how a single image can freeze a moment forever. That moment may make you laugh when you first see it, it might make your eyes sweat a little, you may get a little frog in your throat that chokes the words right out of you. Whatever you feel though, you can feel safe in knowing that it was real… real emotions, real tears, real laughs, real hugs, real kisses. It’s all about the authentic and real you.

All we can hope for is that it’s us who gets the incredible honor of documenting those real moments for you. We very much look forward to getting to know you and capturing all your good little moments.