Nicole & Alan: Denver Engagement

There’s something that happens in front of the camera when Nicole and Alan are together. They forget they are being photographed. They get that look in their eye and the world seems to disappear. They are in love and are not afraid to show it. He loves to make her laugh and they love to have a good time together. If their engagement session is any indication to what they will be like on their wedding day, then its going to be a beautiful day and we absolutely cannot wait for it.

The past few months we’ve been lucky. Our couples are so in love, and because of that, their Denver engagement sessions are getting published all over the place. If you are not a friends with us on Facebook you might have missed Whitney and Scott’s feature on Brenda’s Wedding Blog. Thank you to Brenda and all of the bloggers who have recently featured us, we really appreciate your support.

Make sure you check out Whitney and Scott’s Real Engagement: reflections in the water with a cute pup and leave a little blog love.

Happy Wednesday! 🙂

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