Louann & Corey: Wedding

When we first caught wind that Louann and Corey were going to get married Adam and I went into planning overdrive. This weekend was going to be epic… for us. Louann isn’t just anyone, she is Adam’s cousin. The wedding would be in Kansas which has been home for Adam’s family for years. So, there wouldn’t just be a wedding, there would also be a family reunion of sorts.

Of course for us Houseman’s it meant a family road trip was in order. We hopped in the car and headed to Kansas over Halloween weekend. This trip held a lot of firsts for us. Zoe’s first wedding, Zoe meeting many of her cousins,  and Zoe finally meeting Grandma Lou and Grandpa in “real” life not just over skype. And, of course there is Adam shooting a wedding (as a professional) with the film camera he first learned on 16 years ago. Grandpa just had to pull it out of the cabinet and give it to us the day before the wedding. Thanks Grandpa!

The weekend was always supposed to be about Louann and Corey, but it ended up being a celebration of family for us. Weddings always bring family together and we know that better than anyone. But, for us to be able to document the weekend, and do it as only we know how to do, meant more to us than anything.

Here’s to Grandpa Cox. Grandma Lou wearing blue at EVERY wedding. The late nights.  Crazy uncle Timber.  Scaring people in the hall of a sleeping hotel. Cousins that will love each other forever. Laughter and then some more laughter. More weddings (Eric and Tish hint hint). More grand kids. More family reunions, and of course Louann and Corey. We wish you and Louann all the luck in the world for a beautiful life together.


The Houseman’s

P.S. what would a great weekend be without a SLIDE SHOW. Make sure you check it out!

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