Random Thursday News & Things I LOVE…

Its Thursday. Thursday means its one more day closer to Friday and its Farmers Market day! Really, there’s nothing better than fresh organic veggies and fruit to make your week better. I thought I would check in with the World Wide Web and let you know what has been going on in the world of Adam & Imthiaz Photography since last week.

The uber fab Eric and Sunshine were featured on Pretty Little Weddings this week. You must check out their feature! Their story is so cute and I’m so glad that Adam and I were able to be a part of such a fantastic day.

Yesterday, the super stylish Megan and Travis were featured on Grey Likes Weddings. I’ll be honest about something… I have about 100 blogs in my Google Reader. First off, I have no idea how I got through life before Google Reader. The blogs I read are all over the place. From photographer blogs, to food blogs, to parenting blogs I read a lot of them. Grey Likes Weddings is of course on the list. Summer Watkins the mastermind behind the 3 different “Grey Likes” Blogs is amazing. I read all three of her blogs! So, we were really excited that she featured Meagan and Travis. We can’t wait for their wedding its going to be FANTASTIC!

Also to hit the web this week is the second installment of Wedding Tales: The Crazy Photographer! If you aren’t following me on Rocky Mountain Bride, then you really should start. I’m hard at work on the next article and I can’t wait to share it with everyone. We all know that things go wrong at weddings sometimes. That’s life, its not perfect. So, I’m giving a little insight into some of my favorite photos from this year and the story behind them. Its going to be great so make sure you check it out!

This Saturday is the BIG day! Zoe will finally get her first haircut. We booked her an appointment at the ever stylish Jack and Jill Children’s Salon. Its going to be EPIC and we might just have to blog about it. 🙂

So, my last little randomness for Thursday… I’m so diggin’ on the local clothing store Bella Sera Baby. They have a little girls clothing line that I REALLY love call Sera – not all little girls wear pink! You must check them out if you have a little fashionista like us.

Happy Thursday! And because posts ARE always better with photos here’s a photo from Blue Bridal Couture when Adam shot their brand new space. Don’t you just love these shoes? 🙂

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