Kim & Gabe: Wedding Sneak Peek

“We just want you to feel like family,” she said. And we did. Gabe and Kim are some of the most gracious, sincere, kind, and caring people we’ve met. That day we took risks we’ve never taken and knew that no matter what, Kim and Gabe would love what we captured. Like most of our couples, Kim and Gabe wanted us to feel like family from the very beginning. They wanted us to give them the best of us… and we did.

To say that we have been looking forward to their wedding would be an understatement. From day one, so many months ago we have been looking forward to it. Now its over and Kim and Gabe are on their honeymoon and we’re still talking about their wedding. We’re going over it again and again in our head dissecting it like we just got done playing a round of golf. We’re thinking about the what if’s and wondering if we could have done better.

There will be so much more of Kim and Gabe to come… here’s just a tiny bit.

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